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domain: client

language: javascript

class Item class


Puts the current record in edit state and creates an edit_form for visual editing of the record.

If container parameter (Jquery object of the DOM element) is specified the edit form html template is inserted in the container.

If container parameter is not specified but Modeless form attribute is set in the Edit Form Dialog or modeless attribute of the edit_options is set programmatically and task has the forms_in_tabs attribute set and the application doesn’t have modal forms, the modeless edit form will be created in the new tab of the forms_container object of the task.

In all other cases the modal form will be created.

If editing is allowed in modeless mode, the user can edit several records at the same time. In this case the application calls the copy method to create a copy of the item. This copy will be used to edit the record. The application will call its open method to get the record from the server by using the value of the primary key field as a filter.

In case of modal editing the application executes refresh_record methods to get from the server the latest data of the record.

If a record locking is enabled for the item, along with receiving the record data from the server the application receives the version of the record.

Then the edit_record method

  • calls the can_edit method to check whether a user have a right to edit the record,
  • if the user have a right to edit the record, checks whether the item is in edit or insert state , and if not, calls the edit method to edit the record
  • calls the create_edit_form method to create a form for visual editing of the record