Jam.py main features

Jam.py is an object oriented, event driven framework with hierarchical structure, modular design and very tight DB/GUI coupling. The server side of Jam.py is written in Python, the client utilizes JavaScript, jQuery and Bootstrap.

Simple, clear and efficient IDE. The development takes place in the Application builder, an application written completely in Jam.py.

“All in the browser” framework. With Jam.py, all you need are two pages in the browser, one for the project, the other for the Application builder. Make changes in the Application builder, go to the project, refresh the page, and see the results.

Supports SQLite, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Firebird, MSSQL and Oracle databases. The concept of Jam.py allows you to migrate from one database to another without changing the project.

Authentication, authorization, session management, roles and permissions.

Automatic creation and modification of database tables and SQL queries generation.

Data-aware controls.

Open framework. You can use any Javascript/Python libraries.

Rich, informative reports. Band-oriented report generation based on LibreOffice templates.

Charts. You can use free jsCharts library or any javascript charting library to create charts to represent and analyze your application data.

Allows to save audit trail/change history made by users

Predifined css themes.

Develop and test locally update remotely. Jam.py has Export and Import utilities that allow developer to store all metadata (database structures, project parameters and code) in a file that can be loaded by another application to apply all the changes.