From an idea of a web db application to a live website in no time, for free.

If you are not a professional programmer or an expert in databases, you can use Jam.py to store, share and analyze your data.

Please watch these videos to see how easy it is to create and setup Jam.py applications.

Creating CRM web database applications from start to finish in 7 minutes with Jam.py framework

Setting up interface of Jam.py application using Forms Dialogs

Professionals can use Jam.py to create various tools, dashboards, as well as large-scale business applications with complex internal logic.

Please watch the Jam.py framework applications video to see some applications written in Jam.py.

More demos on Heroku (there might be a slight delay with Heroku loading the first page, please be patient):

The RedHat Satellite 5.x Dashboard utility Demo

The Postfix email aliases utility Demo

The Samba Shared Folders utility Demo

User comments

Thank you for a very complete and professional product. The fact that it is free is still unbelievable. Your recent updates are fantastic. I use your product daily for providing solutions to clients.
Jam.py is really *GREAT* ! Simple, powerful, beautiful. It's what I was looking for, for years. I was able to make my personal CRM in *no time* with it. I love the way it works, the browser administration and the code editor. This project deserves to become long-living open, a big community and a lot of fame ! Please, please, tell me that you gonna do everything so that it will be broadly adopted. Wish the best and a lot of success to you and to Jam.py !