Jam.py is an event driven framework for the development of web database applications

Online demo application

The server side of Jam.py is written in Python and uses Werkzeug library. The client utilizes JavaScript, jQuery and Bootstrap


The jam.py is an object-oriented, event-driven framework with hierarchical structure. All this, in combination with very tight DB/GUI coupling, is the base for the DRY (don't repeat yourself) principle that is underlying the framework. So just several hundred lines of code is enough to create quite complex database applications (See Demo application).

Light, powerful, flexible

Super easy database table data handling on the server and the client, powerful, data-aware visual interface controls make the framework flexible and powerful. We added tables import utility to enable extremely fast access to underlying databases - SQLite, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Firebird.


The framework allows developers to create rich, informative reports, due to band-oriented report generation based on LibreOffice templates.

“All in the browser” framework

Development takes place in Administrator - a web applications written in jam.py. Developer needs a running server (can be a remote one) and two pages in a browser - one for application and another for Administrator. Make changes in Administrator, go to application, refresh the page and see the results.

Develop and test locally update remotely

Jam.py has Export and Import utilities that allow developer to store all metadata (database structures, project parameters and code) in a file that can be loaded by another application to apply all the changes.


Jam.py has user authentication that provides a secure way to manage user accounts and passwords. As well as permissions and roles sucurity functions that allow administrator to limit fuctionality of the different categories of users.

User comments

Thank you for a very complete and professional product. The fact that it is free is still unbelievable. Your recent updates are fantastic. I use your product daily for providing solutions to clients.
Jam.py is really *GREAT* ! Simple, powerful, beautiful. It's what I was looking for, for years. I was able to make my personal CRM in *no time* with it. I love the way it works, the browser administration and the code editor. This project deserves to become long-living open, a big community and a lot of fame ! Please, please, tell me that you gonna do everything so that it will be broadly adopted. Wish the best and a lot of success to you and to Jam.py !