Jam.py documentation

Jam.py documentation

Jam.py is an object oriented, event driven framework with hierarchical structure, modular design and very tight DB/GUI coupling. The server side of Jam.py is written in Python. the client utilizes JavaScript, jQuery and Bootstrap

How the documentation is organized

Here is an overview of how the documentation is organized, that will help you know where to look for certain things:

Getting started topics describe how to install the framework, create a new project, take you through a series of steps to develop a Web application and explains how to deploy it.

Programming guides discuss key topics and concepts at a fairly high level and provide useful background information and explanation.

Business application builder is a detailed description of the Application Builder used for application development and database administration.

Сlass reference guides contain technical reference for Jam.py classes APIs

FAQ topics covers most frequently asked questions.

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If you are new to Jam.py, we highly recommend that you watch these video tutorials

Tutorial 1 - Getting started

Tutorial 2 - Task tree

Tutorial 3 - Forms

Tutorial 4 - Form events

Tutorial 5 - Data aware controls

Tutorial 6 - Datasets

Tutorial 7 - Datasets Part 2

Tutorial 8 - Fields and filters

Tutorial 9 - Client-server interactions

Tutorial 9 - Working with data on the server

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