Jam.py documentation

Version 5.4.69ΒΆ


  • Werkzeug library upgraded to the version 0.15.4
  • common.py module rewritten, consts object created
  • adm_server.py module removed
  • admin folder is created with modules
    • admin.py - application builder server side module
    • task.py - loading of task from admin.sqlite database
    • export_metadata.py
    • import_metadata.py
  • builder folder added to package that contains Application Builder project that is used to create Jam.py Application Builder, see read.me file in the folder.
  • task loading accelerated
  • import of metadata rewritten
  • import of metadata accelerated
  • permissions property added
  • logging created (currently under development and not documented yet)
  • edit method on the client and server checks now if item state is in edit mode and if it is does nothing
  • round methods are corrected on the client and server, value of currency fields are rounded before they are assigned
  • inline editing is now available for any items (not details only)
  • inline editing of lookup fields, list fields, date and datetime inputs reworked, bugs fixed
  • fixed columns of tables bugs fixed
  • tables striped option added
  • search input is focused now by Ctrl-F, Escape returns focus to the table
  • enable_controls redraws controls now, no need to call update_controls method
  • lot of bugs fixed

Application builder:

  • a link to the form-related documentation page has been added to the application Builder form headers