Jam.py documentation

Version 5.4.11


  • Metadata import/export and copy_database method of the server task reworked for compatibility with different databases, when a project moved to a database of different type
  • on_detail_changed event and calc_summary method added
  • alert, alert_info and alert_success methods added
  • python 3 bugs of MYSQL, Postgres, Oracle database support fixed
  • some bugs fixed related to SQL queries generation
  • on_login event bugs fixed
  • field_mask attribute for fields on client added
  • date inputs use masks now
  • create_menu method of the client task added.
  • As much code as possible are moved from default code (and demo project) to the library
  • Bugs related to non-ascii characters in the project path fixed

Application builder:

  • keyboard shortcuts bugs fixed
  • roles bugs fixed
  • rights can be set for details
  • mask attribute added to Fields Dialog
  • Summary fields attribute added in the View Form Dialog for details
  • Default search field, Detail height attributes added in the View Form Dialog
  • Detail height attribute added in the Edit Form Dialog
  • some minor bugs fixed


To use masks in existing projects the following line must be added to index.html after package update:

<script src=”jam/js/jquery.maskedinput.js”></script>


<script src=”jam/js/jam.js”></script>