Jam.py documentation


add_view_button(text, options)

domain: client

language: javascript


Use add_view_button to dynamically add a button in the view form.

This method is usually used in the on_view_form_created events.

The following parameters are passed to the method:

  • text - the text that will be displayed on the button
  • options - options that specify additional properties of the button

The options parameter is an object that may have following attributes:

  • parent_class_name is a class name of the parent element, the default value is ‘form-footer’
  • btn_id - the id attribute of the button
  • btn_class - the class of the button
  • type - specifies the type (color) of the button, it can be one of the following text values:
    • primary
    • success
    • info
    • warning
    • danger
  • image - an icon class, one of the icons by Glyphicons from http://getbootstrap.com/2.3.2/base-css.html
  • secondary: if this attribute is set to true, the button will be right aligned if Buttons on top attribute of the View Form Dialog is set, otherwise left aligned.
  • expanded - if set to true the button will have class ‘expanded-btn’ and that defines its min-width to 120px, default true

The method returns a JQuery object of the button.


function on_view_form_created(item) {
    var btn = item.add_view_button('Select', {type: 'primary'});
    btn.click(function() {

function on_view_form_created(item) {
    if (!item.view_form.hasClass('modal')) {
        var print_btn = item.add_view_button('Print', {image: 'icon-print'}),
            email_btn = item.add_view_button('Send email', {image: 'icon-pencil'});
        email_btn.click(function() { send_email() });
        print_btn.click(function() { print(item) });