Jam.py documentation

How to upload a file to the server, save its file name in a table and later download itΒΆ

Let’s suppose that you have two buttons - Upload (id “upload-btn”) and Download (id “download-btn”) - declared in the edit form html template of an item, and that the item has a text field with field_name document.

Then you can use the following code in the client module of the item:

function on_edit_form_created(item) {
    item.edit_form.find('#upload-btn').click(function() {
        item.task.upload('static/docs', {callback: function(file_name) {
            item.document.value = file_name;
    item.edit_form.find('#download-btn').click(function() {
        if (item.document.value) {
            window.open('static/docs/' + item.document.value, "_blank");
    item.document.read_only = true;