Jam.py documentation


Use this button to import project metadata from zip file.

When you click the “Import” button, Application builder opens a Dialog to select a file to be imported.

After the file is selected, the Application builder uploads it to the server and sends the server a request to import it.

The server while importing the metadata performs the following operations:

  • checks the data integrity - items with the same ID must have the same type and the same table_name attribute if one is specified for an item
  • analizes the metadata to generate sql queries to update the project database structure and records of the admin.sqlite database
  • waits for 5 minits or until all previous request to the server will be processed
  • starts to execute sql statments to update the project database.
  • if an error occurs while updating the project database, for databases, that support DDL statment rollback (Postgress, Firebird, MSSQL), rollbacks changes, stops the import process and returns the import log to the Application builder. If the database do not support DDL statment rollback (MySql, Oracle) writes error to the import log and continues until all statments will be processed
  • Commits changes to the project database if it supports DDL statment rollback and modifies the records of the admin.sqlite
  • Copies all the files from zip file to the project folder
  • Rebuilds the task on the server
  • Send the import log to the Application builder


It is strongly recommended that you make a backup of the project database and admin.sqlite before performing the import.


For SQLite database, Jam.py doesn’t support importing of metadata into an existing project (project with tables in the database). You can only import metadata into a new project.