Jam.py documentation

Filters DialogΒΆ

Use Filters Dialog to create and modify item filters. See Filters

Filters Dialog

To add or edit a filter click on the appropriate button on the form. The following form will appear:

Filter Editor

Fill in the following fields:

  • Field - the field which will be used to filter records.
  • Caption - the filter name that appears to users.
  • Name - the name of the filter that will be used in programming code to get access to the filter object. It should be a valid python identifier.
  • Filter type - select filter type.
  • Visible - if this checkbox is not checked, this filter will be ommited, when filters are created by using create_filter_inputs and the filters attribute in options is not specified.

Use the up and down arrows to place the filters in the order in which they will be displayed. See create_filter_inputs